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Jellybean Tunes

'Great app! I asked my 6 year old to review this today and she said "It is super super super fun."'

Jellybean Tunes is a fun, creative, and colourful introduction to music. By interacting directly with notes on the musical staff, kids can unlock their inner Mozart and unleash their creativity through play, animated lessons, and composing their own songs.

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Christmas Kid's Piano

"..a great assortment of choices - sounds that held his attention, very playful and festive, no glitches. Overall we rate this app 5 star."

An even more festive version of our kids piano! Follow the star to play classic Christmas songs, find the hidden sounds and combine your own music with six beautiful wintry music tracks.

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Christmas ABC Puzzles

* Now Available * A delightful puzzle app with a Christmas theme.

Never too hard and never too easy - select how many pieces are missing from the puzzle so that every child has the satisfaction of putting in that last piece. Includes voiceovers for words and letters.

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World Flags, Geography and Anthems

"...a great starting point for discussing world geography."

Explore, do puzzles and race around the world with this elegant app. Contains hundreds of flags, anthems and images from around our beautiful planet.

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About Us

Launched in 2010, Jellybean Tunes grew from the dreams of a mom and dad raising a young child and excited about the potential of technology in education, creativity and fun. Based in Vancouver, Canada, we create apps with a focus on music and more. From the very beginning we’ve had a strong commitment to privacy and we’re thrilled that our signature app, Jellybean Tunes, has been embraced by thousands of educators and parents worldwide.