Christmas Kid's Piano

Play Christmas carols, listen to beautiful music, or make your own musical collage of melody and sound with three magical holiday themes.

Our themed piano incorporates songs, background music choices, instruments, sounds and images designed to make it easy for kids to create their own music that evokes the holiday season.

Each theme includes:

  • three musical instruments to play, including pianos, trumpets, harps, flutes, violins, bells and a chorus
  • hidden sounds to discover
  • two enchanting wintery musical tracks

Follow along with the starfish to play ten classic Christmas carols. Enjoy the freedom to explore and create your own music.


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  • "Christmas Kid's Piano is absolutely delightful seasonal entertainment for your kids, and educational as well, as they learn to tap out the notes to popular Christmas classics." Cool iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Apps
  • "’Tis the season to be melodiously inclined. " The Daily
  • New and Noteworthy in Music Apps (Apple App Store)