Jellybean Tunes

Play! Learn! Create! Jellybean Tunes is a wonderful introduction to playing, reading and creating music. Play many different children's and classical songs. Sing along, record and play back your performance! Learn the basics of reading music through 6 different narrated and animated lessons. Create your own songs with the intuitive editor. Give them names and pictures from your photo library for that personal touch, then play, sing and record your own creations.

You can even take Jellybean Tunes to a real piano, or other instrument, in place of sheet music. As the notes scroll by, play your melody without having to stop to turn a page. Our replay feature allows you to listen to your recorded performance.

Made by the parents of a young child, Jellybean Tunes introduces children to the musical staff through lessons and fun activities. Big, colourful notes, buttons and backgrounds present music in an engaging and fun way suited to younger hands. Playing songs by touching notes on the staff shows children (and adults!) where the notes are, what sounds they make, and what letters are associated with them. The lessons take learning a step further by gently presenting basic music theory. The editor allows freedom to explore and create music, further reinforcing musical concepts.

We like the editor so much that we used it ourselves to add all of the songs included in the app.

We made this app to help further our own child's interest in music. He loves listening to recordings of him playing and singing... and he likes to create really, really long songs!


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  • "It is well designed, colourful, and easy to use. It engages and stimulates kids and it takes full advantage of the touch-based interface, helping kids to learn the names of notes in association with their sounds and position on the musical staff. The kids here loved it and it is joining the Fun Educational Apps Top Favorites." Fun Educational Apps

  • "Jellybean Tunes is a perfect blend of direct instruction with its simple music theory lessons, creative exploration, and it even helps to develop rhythm and performance skills with the recording features it incorporates. If you hope to introduce your child to simple music theory and the joys of playing with music, this is one app you won’t want to miss!" Golden App Award Winner - Apps for Homeschooling
  • "Excellent music learning app, good for all abilities including non-verbal." - Technology in Education
  • "...a GREAT introduction to playing, reading and creating music for kids of all ages!" - Apps for iPads
  • Chosen as App of the Week by The Scots College, Melbourne Australia
  • Chosen as one of the "Great Educational Apps for Children - That Parents Will Love" - Gretta DeMennato, teacher working with advanced placement students.
  • "Daughter loves it! enjoys making her own songs." - jasmum
  • "There is so much you can do with this musical app..." - Sassy19721